Unofficial Rules of Social Influencing Every Brand and Influencer Needs to Know

Unofficial Rules of Social Influencing Every Brand and Influencer Needs to Knowfeatured

While major influencers with 100k or more of a following and major PR companies may have it all worked out, what about those of a smaller proportion? Perhaps the blogger or Instagrammer with under 10k- 20k followers or even the big fish in the local pond? After participating in many different group chat groups with Read more

The Perfect Summer Trip to Kennebunkport

The Perfect Summer Trip to Kennebunkportfeatured

An hour away from Boston and 3 short hours away from Connecticut and Rhode Island, lies another magical New England town Kennebunkport, just over the border into Maine. After growing up in Connecticut, spending my beach days in Rhode Island and living in Boston for 8 years, I have a strong and intimate relationship with Read more

Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Creamfeatured

Not much is more American than Ice Cream and Cherries. Try out this super easy 5 ingredient homemade ice cream recipe jam-packed with chocolate chunks and fresh cherries. After spending one afternoon atĀ Linvilla OrchardsĀ just outside of Philly, we discovered you could pick your own cherries. I’d like to think we are berry picking experts if Read more

Tortellini Tomato Kabobs Your Kids Can Make

Tortellini Tomato Kabobs Your Kids Can Makefeatured

School will be ending soon and summer will be in full force. Here is an easy snack for the kids that they can make themselves. If your kids are anything like Bailey, she wants to do everything herself. While she works hard at crafting her baking skills, this often means batter splattered ALL over the Read more

Roasted Tomatoes, Garlic and Herbs

Roasted Tomatoes, Garlic and Herbsfeatured

It’s time to dress up that Charcuterie Board with a little roasted goodness from your oven and a crusty loaf of bread. My favorite recipes are those that are simple with fresh ingredients showing off a beautiful presentation. For this recipe I needed picture perfect on the vine tomatoes. I used Backyard Farms Cocktail Tomatoes Read more