About Chocolate and Lace

Hi! I’m Jenny. A writer, photographer, content creator and social influencer dedicated to helping you celebrate all things weekend and lifestyle. 

Passion. That’s where it begins. What drives, what focuses, what allows your mind to wander allocating thoughts to beautiful places, life’s textures and the things your heart can not live without. What makes your blood pump faster through your veins and what you dance around at the thought of. What you get out of bed for and sometimes even what you go to bed early for. What you want to love harder for and what the moments that run so fast in your mind are for. Passion. Find what you love and let it kill you.

I had an ex-boyfriend call me out “you definitely have a diary”. He was right. I’m that type. I write everything down. Reminders, notes, grocery lists, the big dreams and the small ones, random sentences that don’t make sense, novels, excerpts, quotes…until it’s scribbled in pen it doesn’t exist. Not until it’s brought to life. Enter my weekend blog.

So welcome to Chocolate and Lace, where my passions are combined as I kick off the best years yet. Chocolate and Lace is a weekend blog featuring simple recipes, travel, motherhood and lifestyle pieces based in New England and Philadelphia. Mother first, laughing my way through the most important piece of my new life. Career focused. Style lover. Home Chef. Expert Eater. Jet Setter. Determined to resist the tug of mediocrity and share it all with you.

Oh, and I’m never sarcastic. Not ever.

XO Jenny

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