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Pregnancy Struggles: I Just Want My Body Back

Pregnancy Struggles: I Just Want My Body Backfeatured

I am 7 months pregnant. We New Englanders just finished (yes, just in May) another long frigid winter where we still haven’t seen the sun for days. I look like a real life snowman. Exactly like a snowman. Although I’m usually big on ‘don’t let em’ see you sweat’, it’s time to just say it. Read more


Commitment to Happinessfeatured

Each year, on today, we will make commitments to our future selves for change. While the big goals matter, the commitment for a happy life comes from your dailies. The simple attitude changes you can make towards being happy. In the past year I’ve learned to focus on elevation through embracing change and making decisions to be Read more


Here’s to Thirty Twofeatured

“Are we too old to post blurry pictures?” I asked my girlfriend after looking through the night’s photos. I actually brought a real camera out to dinner to celebrate my thirty second birthday. Apparently, no one knows how to use those any more. The blurry photos, the ones in motion, are always the best memories. So Read more



Are you giving yourself a do-over on last year’s resolution? I have a feeling this might be the third or even fourth ‘do over’ for 2015…lose weight, eat healthy, work out, save money…blah blah blah. YES all those things you should be doing as they will help with your longevity, health and happiness. How about Read more


5 Sarcastic Steps to Surviving this Holiday Seasonfeatured

Jingle bells. Snowflakes. Cute little reindeer. Holiday parties. Shopping Malls. Fighting for parking spaces at shopping malls. Attending your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s best friend’s party you don’t even know. Getting gifts from someone you really can’t stand. Giving gifts to someone you really can’t stand. Snow storms. Did I mention Christmas music? Dear Lord Baby Read more