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9 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Get a Dog in Her 20’s

If you like dogs more than you like most people, this post is for you. Anyone who has ever had a dog in their life would most certainly agree. I got my dog Olivia at 24. Olivia is a Yorkshire Terrier, about 8 lbs. Okay, 9, she needs a diet. Now I know what you’re thinking…but I can promise you I’ve never put Olivia in a purse!

Lifestyle Blogger Chocolate and Lace shares why every girl should get a dog in her 20's.

She would have escaped anyway. My dog is an escape artist. She escaped in her crate as a pup and now she escapes out the front door into the neighborhood while we frantically try to catch her. From extra exercise to fuzzy therapy, here are 9 reasons why every girl should get a dog in her 20’s.

Disclaimer: A dog is a HUGE responsibility and it’s a daily one. If you can’t make the commitment, please back away from the fuzzy faces. Seriously, you can’t leave Fido to chill on his own while you zip off to Festival Season. XO, Mom 

1.It’s Like Having a Furry Alarm Clock

I can’t remember the last time I set my alarm, hence now having human alarm clocks. However a dog will have you up at the crack of dawn demanding to be taken out, fed or just trying to get comfortable on all of your uncomfortable body parts in bed. There is no sleeping in when you have a new pup.

2. Having a Dog Equals Exercise 

All dogs big and small need walks. From having a jogging buddy to throwing a tennis balls from yards away, your pup will no doubt ensure you are active on a daily basis.

3. A Built In Burglary Alarm

Wether you have a yippy little creature like Olivia or a large dog, dog’s senses are extremely helpful to a woman living alone. No one can come within 10 feet of the house, door or window without Olivia incessantly barking.

I once had a large breed dog when a man stepped into the gated back yard where I was living at the time. I have no idea his purpose, but nervous, I let my big dog out into the yard. Needless to say the man exited quickly while I called the police to report the trespasser. My dog stayed at the gate and continued to bark fiercely driving the man away.

Safety first! Gosh Dogs are awesome.

4. Your Dog Will Vet Your Dates For You

Years ago when I was living with a good friend of mine in our wilder years, whenever a date would come by we would always see how he treated Olivia. Was he nice to Olivia? Did he turn into an asshole when we left the room? Did he cuddle with her? Did he offer to take her out?

If anyone has ever had a little dog you know this…they can be annoying. Imagine trying to make out with a guy while a little furry beast is literally in between you and your date demanding your attention. How the guy responded would say it all! And guys who don’t like dogs?! Deal breaker! #AmIRite?!

5.Heartbreak is Better With Your Best Friend

At the time I got my pup Olivia, I soon found myself going through my first major heartbreak. Spoons and cans of frosting while crying on the floor won’t last long when you have a dog literally attacking your face with furious licks. Your dog knows you better than anyone. It’s amazing how they are in tune with your emotions, can sense when you are sad and pounce on cues to get your attention. Heartbreak is hard. Having a doggie by your side..and a pint of ice cream or two…can help you through it.

6. Having a Dog Will Improve Your Social Life

When you move to a new city to start your dream career, but you’re not in college anymore, where do you go to meet new friends? Having a dog will get you ‘out there’. When your canine friend is saying hello for you, it takes the jitters away from an introduction. You will instantly have something in common with everyone you meet while out with your pooch.

7. A Furry Stress Reducer 

Spending just a few minutes with a pet can lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. It’s no wonder so many different breeds of dogs are becoming therapy dogs these days. For those suffering from depression, anxiety or just a stressful life, having a dog by your side is the way to go.

8. Purpose and Responsibility

When you’re a single girl living the dream, just having you and yourself to worry about in your 20’s can be freeing. However, having a dog to love and take care of teaches you purpose and responsibility. Something else is counting on you daily, even if it’s just for a walk around the block. Dog Mom’s are Mom’s too!

9. Your Dog Will Love and Protect Your Future Children

Many parents are sometimes afraid to let their kids be around animals or perhaps you are wondering if getting a dog with very young children is a good idea. Those who have dogs already know the intense bond between the family dog and your children. In fact, my suggestion is that when you have had a dog for the pre-baby years of your life, the dog will be a little  more mature and be able to handle the transition to suddenly having little humans around.

As a baby, my dogs sat outside Bailey’s door during naps, told me when she was coughing or something was wrong. No matter how many times the dog is pulled or carried upside down, the unconditional love from your dog is always there.

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