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Commitment to Happiness

Each year, on today, we will make commitments to our future selves for change. While the big goals matter, the commitment for a happy life comes from your dailies. The simple attitude changes you can make towards being happy. In the past year I’ve learned to focus on elevation through embracing change and making decisions to be better. The goal for my daughter remains the same for the future year ahead. I have no plans to give her an ordinary life, just an extraordinary one. It starts with me.

Always Have Something to Look Forward To

The key to my little life is forward thinking. Knowing that just around the corner there is something better waiting. Make the time to plan your own happiness by planning a road trip, a date with girlfriends or taking a class of interest. You have no idea how great my morning is when I know I’ve packed something delicious for lunch. Yes it can be that simple. Think of it as the dangling carrot to get you through from your daily week that will never end routine to through the really tough times you may encounter.

Have Gratitude

Learn to actively practice gratitude. Life is certainly not easy but do you know what? Every person reading this has it better than others. Expand your perspective beyond your own four little walls and while you’re feeling the energy of the list of bad things you are experiencing, turn it around and recognize the good. Gratitude helps us realize what we have and we all have so much. Recognize it. Appreciate it. Make gratitude a daily practice and find humility in the goodness outside yourself.

Choose Happiness

I am convinced that I can convince myself of anything. You must be relentless for happiness. When setbacks and pain occur, the challenge to stay and be positive can be difficult. Pain is inevitable but recognizing the importance of practicing a positive outlook can make all the difference. Your tone will affect others. Make it a happy and kind one.

You Are In Control

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. You always have a choice. Not in the job you want? Acquire new skills and build up your resume. Not happy with your diet? Change your behaviors to meet your long term goal. We are faced with dozens of choices each day. Some miniscule and some life changing. At the end of the day, your life is what you make it.

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