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Instagramming Boston: An Interview With @bobby_in_boston

The app that’s taken the world by storm has given us so many wonderful bouts of creativity and photography. Instagram connects those in the community as well as those all over the world. Bobby, the creator of one of my favorite accounts @bobby_in_boston, sat down to share a few tips with me on his iPhone only photography.

Lusting over those Pinterest worthy photos all has us wondering “How it is done!?” From how to edit to taking the perfect puddlegram, read on for a few tips and tricks that you can do too right from your iPhone. Photographing one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Bobby shares his love of Boston through his wonderfully aesthetic Instagram page.

What got you started Instagramming Boston?

“I started my feed about 4 and half years ago. I always loved walking around Boston and felt it was so photogenic so when I discovered Instagram I thought it was a perfect platform to share these images. I also took it as a challenge to myself to take and edit pictures that would hopefully make other people see Boston the way I did.”

Instagramming Boston Instagramming Boston

Instagramming Boston

How do you select the perfect scene?

“Selecting the perfect scene can be tough. So many things go into it. The weather…is it sunny? Is it cloudy? Are there too many shadows?”

“After exploring Boston so much you start to know what areas will look good in certain weather conditions. Sometimes I walk around with my iPhone camera in front of me and if it starts to look good though the lens I will stop and try to capture an image. I like to include architecture and people in my shots. I like it to feel as if the person seeing my photo is in that moment when I capture it.”instagram boston

 What are some of your favorite iPhone editing apps?

“Honestly, at this point I only use Instagram itself to edit my photos. I used Snapseed in the past when I liked more of a “dramatic” feel to my pictures. Now I try to keep it simple and my goal is to make every shot look a cross between a painting and real life. I can’t give away all my secrets however, I always encourage people to experiment with different filters and lighting. The fun part is watching your own work change and evolve over time.”

One of my favorite types of @bobby_in_boston shots are your infamous puddlegrams. What’s your secret to the perfect puddlegram?

“Two things when it comes to a puddlegram. First, the water needs to be clear and calm. Second, the closer the lens to the water, the better the reflection. It doesn’t take a huge puddle to make a huge reflection. You would be surprised what a little water can do.”

Instagram BostonInstagram Boston

Instragram Boston

Where is your favorite place to shoot in Boston?

“My favorite places to shoot would probably be the North End, the Public Garden, and right around Faneuil Hall. I try to venture out all over the city but I find myself in those areas quite often.”

Do you use hashtags to share your work? If so what are your favorites?

I definitely use hashtags. The more exposure the better. Some of my favorites are the ones connected to local Boston feeds such as  #igersboston, #bostondotcom, and #bostonusa.

For more on Bobby’s photography please follow him @bobby_in_boston and check out his new website to follow along with him on his adventures in Boston and beyond.

Instagram Boston

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