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Peach Salsa and Printed Pieces


Let’s spice it up with a little sweet and tangy peach salsa. Sometimes we get stuck in our ‘neutral game’, you know who you are, you are wearing all black right now aren’t you? Our recipes are the same every week. Summer is the perfect time to spice things up and mix it up! Just like in cooking, you can keep your staple dishes and add a new sauce, change up the method of cooking or dress it up with this Peach Salsa. Same with your wardrobe. Summer is the best time to invest in a printed piece, something fun and colorful. Break out of your all black or tan uniform, we are in the heat of July!


4 ripe peaches, diced

12 grape or cherry tomatoes quartered

1 jalapeno pepper, minced

1 small red onion, minced

¼ cup chopped cilantro

Juice of 1 lime, sliced in half and squeezed

Salt and pepper to taste

Chop all ingredients and toss together in medium sized mixing bowl. Drizzle with squeezed lime juice, salt and pepper. Transfer to a festive bowl for serving with tortilla chips or a great addition over chicken or fish.

Peach Salsa

Well Hello There Friday #cityscape #rayban #girlboss

Peach Salsa


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